PSA Solutions - property and asset management

Asset Management Solutions

PSA Solutions, Inc. (PSA) is a technology-based company that provides litigation support and asset management solutions to banks and financial service companies.

PSA enables banks to more effectively manage risk and minimize ownership expense associated with troubled, criticized and OREO assets. PSA provides an integrated set of solutions that are tailored to support bank asset & risk management objectives. PSA is unique because PSA clients are limited to the Troubled Asset Group / Work Out / OREO departments of banks and financial service companies. PSA's service offering aligns with the asset life cycle mandated by the various regulatory agencies.

PSA's leadership is comprised of tenured property managers, former bankers, consultants and attorneys who together enable PSA to provide sophisticated risk and asset management solutions. PSA's portfolio of clients and history of asset management results enables PSA management to serve as an intermediary of industry best practices.